The Truth Hurts but Lies are Deadly

I have met and know of many people who have suffered dearly for trying to get the truth out to the public. This is because there are powerful people and entities that routinely block them and subject them to threats and humiliations to discourage them from their weighty task. The very fact that such powerful people/entities would trouble themselves over this is a sign that there’s something important in the material they’re trying to suppress. At this point, I am doing all that I can to break through government and political/corporate elite barriers to get the truth out in any way I can. I do this because I must. If anyone knew what I know, they’d have difficulty keeping silent even though breaking the silence can be painful to say the very least.

I think deep down inside of us – most of us have a sense of duty and even though the powers that be have manipulated this concept to suit them, when it’s pure we feel it strongly. When it’s authentic, it has few rewards other than the feeling of having done the right thing (not to be underestimated). Unfortunately, there are government agencies that have studied the psychology of such concepts and to a large degree have used this understanding to benefit them – especially in securing support for their foreign policy. They use it in recruiting for the army but from what I understand recruiters use lighter topics and the reality of staggering unemployment is certainly another effective but unspoken inducement. Other recruitment techniques involve popular forms of entertainment. A manufactured sense duty is much different than a genuine sense of duty because when it’s authentic, it comes from within. It is inspired by an innate sense of what one must do instead of what one feels they should do. Despite all of the tools that the elite have at their disposal, I doubt they can truly inspire people – just manipulate them which is what many are accustomed to now and it’s a poor substitute for inspiration.

I used to hate the word ‘duty’ and what I thought it meant because I always associated it with manipulation – usually by the government and always in regards to a false cause. But now it seems as though I was destined to experience a pure sense of duty and to understand what it means and what it really costs. Like the recruits, I too am in danger of losing my life and for the same reason – because of a government that is built on lies and because of the many people that support it. It’s not a good reason to die but I’d rather die in the cause of truth than in the cause of war and I’m sure that many soldiers, if they had a second chance, would feel the same. We’ve all been deceived, so the cause of truth is our cause: the cause of the people. Our government is the real threat to our security. I wonder how long it will take for people to see this. I hope it will be soon because the threat is real and imminent.

Once I was well into the research for this film I realized that one must embrace the theme of opposites. I discovered very quickly that the reason why the government and their elite allies (who really run things in this world) get away with what they do is because of the enormity of their lies – most people can’t fathom the depth of the deception and insidious nature of what they are and what they do. They are in fact exactly the opposite to what they openly claim to be. So, when they say that they are trying to help free the people of Syria, they’re actually paying militants (Al Qaeda to be specific) to terrorize the Syrian people and blame it on the government to facilitate regime change. This is something the U.S. & allies specialize in – they’ve been doing it in South America and around the world for ages installing one dictator after another under the banner of ‘bringing democracy to an oppressed people’. This government that has orchestrated most of the terror in the world in recent history is the very real threat we must face and we must do it soon as they no longer restrict human rights abuses to ‘third world’ countries – they’ve now set their sights on us.

One thing that struck me during my research of foreign matters is that foreign policy and plans have continued to progress seamlessly throughout all administrations both Democrat and Republican for decades. The very little difference these two parties made in domestic policy over the years seems negligible in the grand scheme of things now that I look at it for what it really is – a method of dividing a country. Another thing that struck me was that since they fix elections and install leaders in countries all over the world, why would they leave things to chance at home? Looking into matters more closely I went over elections beginning with Reagan all the way to present day including this recent ‘election’. What I found was that every president with the exception of Bush Senior was ‘re-elected’ for a second term. How likely is it that the people loved each of these presidents so much that they wanted them in office again for another four years? Not very likely.. especially with Bush Junior which is why they used red herrings such as specific voting irregularities to make the public believe that if not for these irregularities, this voting system is viable and would work as it should. They use small lies to hide the bigger issues that few people even consider. I have a friend who created a fraud proof voting system and he found out very quickly what a threat he was to the Western world let alone third world countries (who are dominated by the Western world). Another interesting thing I discovered was that these remarkable re-election stats were the same in Canada and the UK over the same period of time (one exception for each country too!) but we’ll leave that for now.

I ask you to open your minds for your own sake and own what you discover. The reason that things are in such a bad state is that we haven’t done this. I hope that you allow this reality to sink in and feel the authentic sense of duty that comes with it. The mainstream media that has been bought and paid for by the ruling elite who use it to shape our views and control our conversations. Everyone discusses the “news” so we’re having the discussions they want us to have – not the ones we need to have.

Leading up to the election people were discussing people – candidates: what this one said and that one and things that made them look bad.. on and on. Meanwhile, we have a rapidly developing police state on our hands and have lost our most essential rights to oppressive legislation that rated a minute mention buried well beyond the headlines in one or two “news” publications – NDRP did not appear at all in the mainstream media from what I could find – or couldn’t. Most citizens have no idea of the serious developments that pose a real threat that we must face before it is facing us. Things like this and this happened in Oakland to peaceful, unarmed, innocent citizens who wanted to get the truth out to the public and exercise free speech. There is worse to come and there’s so much more that everyone really must know as it affects all of us gravely: Agenda 21, FEMA Camps (Official Document), Official Law Enforcement Training Document Descriptions of “Domestic Terrorism” that could include anyone (under NDAA this means that anyone can be detained indefinitely without charge or trial), HAARP, GMO foods, Chemtrails. It’s an overwhelming amount of information but it’s utterly crucial for people to know about it. After all, we’ve been exposed to nothing but propaganda in all its forms for ages now and this is what was and is going on behind the scenes. Your tax dollars make all of this possible.

What I’m calling on people to do is to simply get this truth out by discussing it in your communities. We all have to be part of whatever change that will happen. It is because of our lack of involvement that it’s come to this state of crisis. We are in a very different state of crisis than the one our government would want us to believe. This is what we must learn, own and discuss.

Their theme is “preparedness” – ours should be awareness and ultimately action. We must all participate in deciding what that action should be but that can’t happen without awareness, which requires discussion. This is our genuine purpose and there are hundreds of thousands of lives that hang in the balance – our lives and those of many long-suffering people in countries all over the world. Most of the people in these countries understand what it really means to be at war: the people on both sides always lose to those who are behind it who always win. This is supposed to be a modern age. We supposedly went to war prevent terrorism in North America – ostensibly to prevent the loss of American lives. How many American lives has it cost? Why don’t we see the coffins and numbers that should be in the newspaper every day? Why are suicides outnumbering combat deaths? Could it be due to the devastatingly ugly realities of “war” that they can’t live with? I think it’s likely don’t you? Whose numbers can we trust? Only independents who feel duty-bound to dig deep to get the numbers that reflect our reality and share them with the few who find these rare sources on a network dominated by the same ruling elite who make war.

Help make 2013 the year of truth and change. Spread truth and please consider supporting this film so that I may get the truth out to the masses. Download the trailer then visit Support This Project.

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