Time To Know: The Govt Doesn’t Care!!

It’s time for us to face facts: petitioning the government is an exercise in futility. Many so-called human rights, peace & activist organizations have readily identified the plethora of oppressive legislative acts either on the table or those that have already been passed. What astounds me is that they send in petitions to the very entity that crafted this legislation as though the government somehow didn’t realize that people wouldn’t like being spied on or to have their basic rights taken away. In regards to these human rights organizations there are two possibilities: either they still haven’t figured this out or they are among the majority of faux activist organizations out there to placate the masses – to assure them that there’s someone on it and that everything that can be done is being done. These faux organizations are preventing millions of would-be activists from moving beyond this pointless exercise and putting their efforts into a more effective means of activism. Who does this serve? Certainly not the people but it does serve those who have benefited from the current system and you’ll find these people very much involved in ‘philanthropy’ – particularly in foundations who fund many of these so-called human rights/activist organizations.

I’m calling on everyone who sincerely wants significant and lasting change to expose these frauds for who they really are – call out every organization whose funding comes from the usual suspects: Open Society (Soros), Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation.. there are far too many to name but basically, any large and well funded organization with a board of directors that’s petitioning the government is no doubt participating in this meaningless faux activism at the expense of the people – oh and they shamelessly still ask for donations!!

In terms of identifying factors, I’ve covered a lot of ground in terms of these foundations & other tell tale aspects of faux civil society organizations in previous blogs:



I realize that there are still many who still believe that petitioning the government is what needs to happen. For these folks, I think it’s an empowering thing to point out to them the futility of their reasoning. For every negative piece of legislation we hear about and become determined to defeat there are tons of maneuverings behind the scenes that are far worse and that most people will never know about. I hope those who wish to genuinely make change will realize that our government will never be an ally in this and once this is understood, we can make real progress by removing the obstacles we now participate in propping up. It’s of the utmost importance that we garner the strength and purpose of the sincere people who become ensnared in this all-encompassing community of faux activism to be channeled, if they so desire, towards more productive and genuine forms of activism.

Let’s circumvent this nasty cabal of deceptive and obstructive organizations who prey on people’s decency and trust. Throughout my research for this film, I’ve discovered that this extensive network is the most successful preventative program the government & corporate allies have launched to subdue the peoples’ efforts toward change both at home and abroad, secondly only to the relentless media propaganda that supports their agenda.

Let’s make 2013 the authentic year of change beyond the grasp of government and corporate influence. There are so many people with extraordinary skills and ideas who want to participate in some meaningful activity towards a better world. Imagine how powerful it would be to free them from the shackles of faux activism so that they may     join us to work on solutions for the people of the people. It’s up to us.

Here’s a strategy for community engagement:


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