We Are Legion… The Story of the Propagandists

One of the greatest barriers to the people’s movement is the many faux activist and human rights organizations that are either thoroughly infiltrated by or initiated and run by those who serve the elite usually via the CIA or various corporate and government agencies.

As an independent activist filmmaker, I have found that when it comes to funding, all roads lead to the elite and I’m ever watchful of these various and often deliberately concealed sources of funding and control. As in the world of Aid & Human Rights, the Arts and particularly, the Independent Arts world is now fraught with these “opportunities” that work to ensnare us as we seek support for projects. A good example of this is an organization called the “Indie Film Clinic” which offers free legal services to Independent NY Filmmakers. Legal costs for film are potentially the highest costs one might have in making an independent film – particularly, a documentary. This was one of many sources provided by an organization that was set up to help filmmakers. This Clinic appears on a website for Cardozo Law, which I discovered was a school and the only contact provided was an email: dmorriso@yu.edu

I put together my email inquiry but decided to look into this organization a bit more. I wanted to find out who this contact was but also I wanted to know a little more about Cardozo. Once I explored the Cardozo site, I found a lawyer who specializes in among other things, privacy and law of surveillance – internet law. She teaches this subject. I also found a video of her speaking about her wonderful experience working for the Obama administration under Larry Summers. This was enough to know that she would be utterly unsympathetic to the cause of activists seeking a voice regarding unfair government surveillance not to mention the many unfair, oppressive laws of the Obama administration that activists seek to expose and address. Not that she would be the one who necessarily would be viewing my material but she is a representative of this organization and it’s important to know this when engaging the help of anyone in the context of human rights, activism etc.

A further search to find dmorriso – who I figured was likely to be: D Morrison of the Indie Film Clinic – revealed that this entire clinic was a project of the Mayor’s Office – Mayor Michael Bloomberg who crushed Occupy Wall Street with an iron fist. It would be interesting to see how this ‘film clinic’ dealt with docs about OWS. I wasn’t about to send my material to them for legal advice for obvious reasons. If Bloomberg’s name came up in my film, it wouldn’t be in a flattering light and many of his friends would be similarly revealed as like him, they pursue the elite agenda which is in strict opposition to the cause of the people.

Onto the so-called Anonymous Legion…  The Director/Writer/Producer of “We Are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists” is Brian Knappenberger. In his bio it states: “He is also Executive Producer of the 23 part Bloomberg Television documentary series “Bloomberg Game Changers” which chronicles luminary figures like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the Twitter and Google co-founders.” This says all we need to know about the conception of this production. Mayor Bloomberg’s Bloomberg TV would no doubt be very pleased to host a series on Twitter and Google “luminaries”. These are two of the top online organizations that facilitate online surveillance. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (appointed by Obama) along with the principals of most major online social networks. As for Google, I think many already know it is an infamous monopoly with CIA connections notorious for spying on users. If you need more evidence that glorifying Google on a series by the producer/director of a supposed “Hactivist” doc is a complete contradiction then see this and this.

In addition to this, Brian’s bio goes on to say: “His films have explored the changing politics and tensions in post 9/11 southern Afghanistan in “Life After War” along with abuses of power and freedom of speech issues with the killing of a journalist in Ukraine for “A Murder in Kyiv.” Where to begin? I wasn’t aware that the Afghanistan war was over and given his reference to “post 9/11 southern Afghanistan” supporting the U.S. government stance that one had something to do with the other, it’s not likely he features any hint of torture of detainees in that country.  In terms of abuses of power and freedom of speech – isn’t that an issue here in the U.S.? In fact, isn’t this the very issue that is supposed to be addressed by organizations like “Anonymous”? It is typical of the faux human rights operatives to point to other countries regarding human rights abuses and not acknowledging the glaring ones at home.

The Legion part is true as many Human Rights Organizations, Activists and Watchdog/Whistleblower Organizations working on behalf of the elite are most definitely legion. This is why they are incredibly ineffective – it is by design. It is also how the government manages to get comprehensive lists of people who are activists or even just concerned citizens “of interest”. In addition to controlling the civil rights movement they ensnare the millions of people who gravitate towards them for all the right reasons and end up either becoming at worst, part of the problem or at best ineffectual in their efforts like so many before them and if we don’t do something about it, like so many yet to come.

It didn’t take long for me to ask the question “how many hacktivists does it take to penetrate the corporate media?” Most of us realize that in terms of communication, those who know the truth and want others to know it realize that our main adversary is the corporate controlled mainstream media. Imagine just how powerful it would be if the front page of the New York Times had photos of paramilitary riot control and detention drills and an article about NDRP beneath it? It could change everything. Imagine if NBC was commandeered by this “hacktivist legion” and played this short, informative and humorous video about 9/11 to a prime time audience? I think we all know how powerful it could be. I think the government did too when they conceived of “Anonymous”. After the overwhelming popularity of the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” series with such likeable rebellious hacker characters, the decision to pre-empt an authentic version with this contrived one was pragmatic and unfortunately, very successful. The writer of this series, Stieg Larsson is likely rolling in his grave that was dug by corrupt government forces according to his friend and partner and his experience in activism. In fact, given our law enforcement’s vast and ugly description of ‘domestic terrorism’ policies, Stieg Larsson would be considered by the U.S. government to be a domestic terrorist. This is what happens to people who really pose a threat to the government.


The film itself: They Are Legion – The Story of The Hacktivists is a complete education in propaganda. It reveals in detail the supposed image and culture of “Anonymous” and related hacktivists and their generic calls for freedom on the internet without providing any significant information on what kind of infringements or censorship the government/corporate elite imposes and what exactly hacktivists have done about it. They don’t go into any circumstances of these violations whatsoever as it relates to the U.S. government. There’s absolutely no relevant substance to this film about what inspired this hactivism and given the filmmaker’s bio and backers, I’m not surprised. The whole purpose of this film is the same purpose of any faux project of its kind including Anonymous itself (titled members & all) which is to put out their custom version of a tool that could be immensely helpful and render it utterly ineffectual. The message is “It’s all being done..”

It must be clearly stated that this tool is only ineffectual as a tool of the people. It’s a most useful tool of the government and elite which this film proves extensively. Not only did it dodge the explosive issue of Western government censorship (except a bizarre reference to Australian porn with some reference to small breasts) it attributed all of the abusive actions of the U.S. government & allies to the Church of Scientology. The words they used to describe this organization apply very specifically to the U.S. government: bullying, intolerant of criticism, aggressive and oppressive. According to this film, it’s Scientology – not the government – we can blame for legislation that uses the concept of copyright infringement to remove content at will and threaten to do so universally at their whim. I wonder how the many Anonymous affiliates who are informed activists will respond to this. I dearly hope they respond openly.

This film accomplishes so much more than to ridiculously pin most internet censorship on Scientology, it also manages to fit in many other agendas of the political elite. It defines trolls as legitimately detestable jerks (exemplified by the long haired guy on the couch) who just like to piss people off and make a point sometimes in doing so. In one miniscule portion of this film it manages to legitimize this well known tool of the political elite: Trolling that is rampant online and serves only to discourage activists who reveal anything that the government doesn’t like (which is how Scientology is described in the film). The film also manages to praise affiliate Julian Assange and Wikileaks without exposing any significant and stunning facts about the U.S. or UK government of which there are so many that it’s dizzying. But this is typical of Assange and of all the CIA supported projects which is to give the impression of accomplishing much but in reality doing very little if anything to further the cause of the people while most definitely serving the interests of the government & elite.

Finally comes the most revealing part of the film, when they blatantly support the U.S. government’s goals in Egypt, Tunisia and the ‘Arab Spring’ agenda. Many genuine activists have caught onto what this was really all about: regime change. While outwardly appearing to support the peoples’ struggle in these countries the government was brutally crushing dissent in its own country: Occupy Wall Street. There couldn’t be any greater example of their duplicity. So now, in the film, the hacktivists are finally depicted as taking part in activism – with all of the bravado and touching concern for a people who are being bullied by their government and yet, there’s still no mention of Occupy Wall Street and how the U.S. government was brutalizing its own people including some who unwittingly  supported the theme of Anonymous. It effectively panned protests avoiding signs of political significance and omitted the fact that many of these protests revealed the U.S. government’s true agenda in other countries as well as domestically. Bloomberg and elite friends certainly got a tremendous bang for their endless bucks in this project.


Given the powerful support of such entities as Bloomberg media, you can bet that this film will be widely available. Most people who want to know about hacktivism will watch it and think that they’ve learned something. It will reach vast audiences who will learn nothing about how the government spies on them and why. These audiences will likely support the U.S. government’s agenda in the faux ‘humanitarian’ wars in the Middle East as well. None of them will learn of the many ways in which the government censors, cheats and lies to its people which of course makes the few people who are aware of it so angry that they fight back – some of them through hacktivism. The true purpose of breaking through the corporate/government controlled media barrier will be lost on everyone who watches it.

Authenticity is of the utmost importance in the movement towards genuine freedom, peace and universal human rights. For an organization, movement or project to be authentic, it must be comprised of entities and people with like principles and goals. If you look at the Board of Directors or funding for many so-called human rights, watchdog or aid organizations, you’ll see tons of glaring conflicts of interest such as hedge fund managers, bankers and so many others whose professions thrive on elements that cause the very problems these organizations claim to address. No wonder things are such a mess and getting worse all the time. In the case of this film, it was much easier to see these glaring contradictions and yet how many people will recognize this? That’s up to us because it’s obvious that the mainstream media feeds this kind of ignorance which is insulting and injurious to the masses and to the cause of the people… if only they knew.

Let’s make sure that they do know. It’s clearly up to us and we have a huge job because not only do we have to inform others if we expect real change to happen, we must also point out these glaring contradictions so that people may free themselves from the legion of faux organizations who seek to derail our progress. Are you with me? If so, then go forth and preach to the unconverted. Share with them the many vital undisclosed truths and sources that have been withheld or concealed from the public – as they are the ones who really need to know and encourage them to do the same. It is only by this method that things will begin to turn around. This is what it means to be truly grass roots – a label that has been inappropriately and over-used along with so many others (green – sustainable) in the corporate faux ‘do-gooder’ community. Let’s take it back for the people and move towards a future that reflects who we are as a people – our principles, our character and our will to thrive in a truly progressive society of the people – legion by nature.

A suggestion regarding getting the word out: Public House of Commons


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