I hope America is still home of the brave…

Focusing on and blaming the victim is becoming a disturbing habit in this country. Being spied on and facing armed combatants is not at all what America is about – isn’t this supposed to be the land of the free? The one thing it must remain is the home of the brave as it will take guts to stand up to this oppressive government and it’s corporate allies and say, I won’t participate. In a true democracy, we would never have to do such a thing. We would have the right to protest and we would be heard. The ‘free’ press would be our allies and they would not only extensively interview protesters, they would investigate their assertions. In doing so, they would end up exposing a level of corruption that would shock the most dispassionate observer.

The only people who would not like to see this happen are those who themselves have much to hide. When the Patriot Act was passed people took up the government promoted stance that only those who had something to hide should be concerned about this. How are we to know what we have to hide or what we should be concerned about? This is now the government’s domain and once we took up that point of view, we gave up not only our freedom which people had fought the British hard to obtain but we also gave the government the right to decide what is of concern regarding our private conversations.

This has paved the way to where we are now with paramilitary on the streets brutalizing peaceful protesters whose causes are those that are completely in tune with the constitution such as Human rights, environmental concerns, financial disparity and financial fraud being perpetrated on the public, obviously free speech and so many others. The fact that there are so many important issues that are not being addressed by the government should really put the focus on the government and corporate allies.  Instead, since we don’t have ‘free’ press (as the media is a cartel of corporate allies) and we don’t have freedom of speech (as we are being punished on the streets for peacefully expressing our views) the focus remains where the government & corporate friends want it to be – on the victims.

So where do we go from here? Can we afford to allow ourselves to be divided over issues that will be meaningless if we end up detained under the oppressive legislation: National Defense Authorization Act = Guantanamo Bay rules? Or should we remain silent until they implement another even more oppressive legislation: National Defense Resource Preparedness Act or NDRP. This is something very few people know about which of course is intentional. This Act will ensure that even those who “aren’t involved in politics” will be subjected to conditions we would never imagine could happen to us – conditions we might only expect to see in what the government refers to as third world countries. The authorities can legally commandeer your basic household resources – the ones that ensure your survival – water, food etc and force you into the armed services or to work for the war effort. This concerns us all and if we wait to see this come about, we won’t be in any position to organize and come up with a peaceful solution as we are now.

Consider this: if the above information was on the front page of every newspaper, what do you think would happen? There would be a groundswell of protest – the people would rise up and insist that this ‘law’ be reversed. Which of course is why those who have crafted and supported this legislation ensured that the papers didn’t print anything this shocking legislation. You should be asking yourself how many other important issues you are unaware of due to media censorship. The answer is plenty. The government is training the armed forces here at home to contend with ‘riots’ and ‘social unrest’ which is exactly what would happen if the public knew about NDRP or perhaps will happen when they enforce this legislation. It’s also something that we must understand if we are going to survive let alone thrive. I’d hate to think that we must wait until that knock on the door comes before we begin to talk about the subject that should be on all of our lips – the growing police state – what we can expect to see happen and what we’re going to do about it.

It’s getting to the point where discussing this issue is risky. This police state has begun to target people who are critical of the government. Does that sound like the land of the free? The people who are taking these chances want you to know what’s going on so that you have the vital information you need to decide what you want to do about it. They are risking everything to do this and the very least you can do is to support their right to do so. They are being called terrorists and this is a dangerous thing but not a new one. When black South African citizens were taken into custody under the Apartheid government, they were also referred to as ‘terrorists’. Saudi Arabia – a solid ally of the U.S. government has something called ‘Terrorist Court’ and it is well known that they use it as a means to crush dissent. It’s a traditional tool of oppression that we’ve seen repeated in various forms throughout history.

We have an opportunity to put a stop to it and the decision as to whether or not we do so is in your hands – every single one of you. We must consider our future and that of our children. We must also consider the people in other countries who have much less means to free themselves from oppression disguised as freedom and democracy. We should at the very least discuss it rather than discussing the latest thing Romney said. Has anyone during all of this election frenzy mentioned this legislation that will bring us to our knees? There’s no excuse for this and if anyone tries to give you one, it’s important to note that there are many ‘profiles’ online whose job it is to do just that. The government is paying people to populate social networks supporting their political views thus influencing the public in the most underhanded way. Your tax dollars are being used to do this and much more that you would never approve of if you knew about it.

I have included material below that supports the assertions I’ve made above. There are two short articles, some pictures and videos. Don’t turn away from what might be the most important read of your life.

In regards to the legislation discussed below, I asked one of the lawyers I interviewed to read through the actual official legislation (which is provide and cited in these articles) and he concurs with what is said here. It seems we must all be or have lawyers if we want to understand the laws that we must adhere to these days.


National Defense Authorization Act – NDAA:




National Defense Resource Preparedness Act – NDRP



If you download the ‘Domestic Terrorism’ document on this page, you’ll see that just about anyone can be considered a potential domestic terrorist according to their training manual:


These are photos of the military police training drills I mentioned – In the first photo you’ll see someone with a sign saying Food Now!  Most people who look at these photos don’t know about NDRP.



Is this kind of force needed for a peaceful demonstration? What kind of message does this send? Does this look like the government is tolerant of criticism?

There’s an obvious peace sign and another sign saying No More War


Signs below read: Stop Violence & Save The Halibut






Reality of Police action against peaceful protesters to date:



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