A Letter To UNESCO

To whom it may concern…

I request that this communication be held in the strictest of confidence unless otherwise advise by me. I write this with trepidation knowing that so many of the organizations I had hoped to be genuinely devoted to the cause human rights are financed by powerful entities with glaring conflicts of interest and therefore are not accomplishing their stated goals and not held accountable for their actions/inactions. In fact, many are acting in opposition to those stated goals. I have discovered that I have much to fear from many of these organizations as they seek to ensnare activists so that they may at the very least monitor them but also to either control their actions or effectively discourage them through means that contradict their very purpose. This is the reason for my trepidation.

I was truly inspired by UNESCO’s decision to support Palestine and that gave me hope that there may be people within your organization who are genuinely devoted to addressing human rights issues. When the people of so-called democratic countries are exposed to constant propaganda instead of authentic news, it becomes very dangerous not only for the people of those countries but for people all over the world – especially if a country such as this has tremendous power and is exerting that power to exploit their own people and to plunder resources worldwide at the expense of people everywhere. There have been shocking legislative measures taken in the U.S. within the last year that have revoked many of the people’s basic rights without their knowledge (see National Defense Authority Act & National Defense Resource Preparedness Executive Order).  I have included articles about this legislation & executive order at the bottom of this email.

The U.S. is conducting military exercises that train military personnel on how to respond to riots within their own borders. Given the impact that the oppressive legislation measures I mentioned will have on the people once they are enforced, we shouldn’t be surprised that they are conducting this ominous training. The use of violence, intimidation and various other abusive tactics against peaceful protesters in the U.S. over the last year has been reprehensible. Many who were detained were denied basic facilities with which to relieve themselves. The stark and ridiculously biased news coverage (or lack thereof) is literally devastating as it effectively ensures that the people who protest will get little or no public support. This is a country whose government is using the cause of human rights as a means to enter sovereign countries and apply brutal methods to bring about regime change.

I find it difficult to imagine that people who are deeply involved in human rights are ignorant of these facts but I have been surprised time and again. I’m contacting you in good faith hoping that although you are part of a very large and well established organization you might be willing to address this profound and alarming threat to human rights everywhere even though it will mean taking on powerful people and entities that so many individuals and activists have been doing at their own peril.

I’m an independent documentary filmmaker and given the nature of my research, I am now being heavily monitored and censored online (no doubt by U.S. government agencies & contractors some of whom I have been researching). Just about everyone I interviewed for my current documentary has been either intimidated or threatened by the CIA with the exception of the gentleman I interviewed from a civil society organization who I later discovered was CIA. It’s astounding the degree to which this element is prevalent in society today. One would never know it if they didn’t investigate thoroughly. I never imagined that I would be such a person but I wanted to get to the truth of matters relating to the violence in the Congo and found myself learning about the depth of deception we live with every day in regards to political matters both at home and worldwide.

Here is a link to the project description of my documentary:


I have a rough trailer of the film that is not yet ready to be publicly released but I will share it with you if you would like to see it. It contains interviews with human rights lawyers & investigators/journalists who reveal the outrageous deceptions perpetrated by the U.S. Government and the dire circumstances we now face in a so-called Democracy. I have been funding this film myself because I found that most of the usual avenues to funding are not only unavailable to me but may pose a threat to me and to this project for the reasons I stated previously. I am a Canadian but I know that the first priority is to reach an American audience although I will distributing the film as widely as possible given the opportunity to do so. It concerns us all. Canada and the UK in addition to Australia and New Zealand are forming an specific alliance with the U.S. that will mean shared foreign policies along with shared ‘security’ policies which is the term they use to justify human rights abuses within their own borders.

I hope you will consider this very seriously and decide to address the source of so much suffering and iniquity in this world. I believe we all have a responsibility to do so.




About the National Defense Authority Act:


About the National Defense Preparedness Executive Order:


 Vigilant Guard 2010 Riot Control, Detention Drills


NORAD – USNORTHCOM Exercise Vigilant Shield


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