All but three members of congress voted to take away our voice

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 388-3 in favor of Bill H.R. 347 which makes it illegal to protest in the U.S. – “the land of the free”. These are people who are supposed to be our voice and they’ve sent a message that they don’t want to hear us. This message has been sent to us in many ways over the years and now it’s time for us to get this message: We are no longer a democracy. Putting yet another president in office is not going to change this.It would have taken Obama his entire term to undo all of the damage that had been done by the Bush administration and more quietly by those before him. Obama knew this before he took office and gave some inspirational speeches to an audience who desperately needed to be inspired. Where did it get us? We have fewer rights now than we’ve had in the history of this so called democracy.

And now again we’re courting war in the Middle East. In fact, Obama has issued an Executive Order (#NDRP) that will render us helpless minions under his dictatorship due to the emergency status of this impending war.  The issue again is Iran’s unconfirmed nuclear weapons program – not unlike the unconfirmed WMDs. If potential nuclear disaster is considered to be a threat worth dying for, why is there no mention of the highly unstable nuclear reactor Fukushima in our daily newspapers? Why is the government not rushing to Stabilize it and reassure us that we need not worry about this imminent threat?If we’re in an emergency state now as we were before we invaded Iraq, what color is it? Or was that all nonsense? I think we know the answer.

If we are in an impending state of emergency, why are we going into Syria to ‘help’ support uprisings? What rights are we helping Syrians to secure? The right to protest? A right that has just been taken away from us by this very government? None of this makes sense and anyone who seriously examines this situation will agree. We must begin to ask ourselves these questions and come to terms with the precarious and dangerous position we’re in right now. We must do something before we find ourselves prisoners for pointing out injustices and voicing our opinions. That is the real emergency we face and the threat is coming from the very people who are posing as our protectors.

We must insist that these and other serious matters be addressed now. I think the following action items would be overwhelmingly embraced by the majority of the people if we had a choice:

Restore our rights immediately and create binding and incontrovertible legislation that ensures that our basic constitutional rights can never again be taken away by new legislation.

9/11- A thorough independent and conclusive investigation

Close all illegal, unconstitutional jails

Have a referendum – a public vote on the question of war with Iran AFTER a thorough, independent and conclusive investigation into Iran’s nuclear program (and after the voting system is declared sound by an independent investigation)

With the participation of the people, independent experts and genuine peace negotiators, re-evaluate our foreign policy and change it to reflect our stated principles as proponents of freedom and democracy

Immediately return bail out funds and bring to justice those who committed fraud and brought about this economic ‘crisis’ and make restitution to the people who were harmed by it


Have independent experts of our choosing revamp financial laws and institutions to prevent an economic ‘crisis’ of this kind from happening again


Ensure that these news laws serve the interests of the vast majority of the people who supposedly retain the power in a democracy and build into law provisions that guarantee that no citizen goes without the basic necessities in a country of such prosperity.


Before this coming election, there should be a law in place that makes it illegal to renege on campaign promises – everything that’s being said right now is worthless without this and we’ll be stepping right back into the same trap that we have accepted for far too long.


I think a very long and comprehensive process of truth and reconciliation should take place on behalf of the masses of people who have been wronged by this government and let these sessions be the guide to creating laws that keep this from happening again.


I know that there are many other things that need to be addressed and I feel that this may be the path to making that happen. We must insist on taking part in how our country is run if we are to restore it to a democracy.

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