Public House of Commons

Just as sure as ‘divide and conquer’ has been a strategic tool in oppressing the people for centuries, so has unite and triumph. In fact, the elite has successfully brought the government and corporate community together across various borders to do just that. We must learn from this an important lesson – we must unite to be effective in taking back the power that is ours. This is a natural state – the majority rules. It’s not the most sophisticated state, I admit it but we have been in a crisis for so long now that we must unite to seize the power that is naturally ours and then we might sort out how to justly apply ourselves to the multitude of problems that have been created by a small and powerful self-interested group that we have allowed to rule us for far too long now.

There is strength in numbers and we all know that the larger our cause becomes the more successful it will be. What is our cause? It’s the cause of the people. Whether it’s the environment, wages, human rights, Gay & Lesbian rights you name it – we all benefit from having a say in how we address these matters and clearly, we do not. This mockery of a democracy has gone on long enough and we’re all in serious danger if we allow it to continue because as important as ll of these issues are, we won’t have a change to address any of them if we allow the powers that be to lead us into world war III which is exactly where we’re headed.

Here’s the legislation that’s now in place to bring us to our knees so that we won’t have a chance to try to peacefully change anything or for that matter, even have basic control over our own lives once we’re in war preparedness mode – National Defense Resource Preparedness Act:

If you think we’re angry about all of the injustice we experience, just imagine other powerful entities that have been imposed upon with all of this military action over the years. Believe that they have felt it and intend to respond. Rusia & China have not benefited from the U.S. & friends’ military adventures and now that the U.S., Israel & friends are courting disaster with Iran, we must act together to end this brutal rampage before we have no longer any chance of being heard over the deafening and deadly clash of world war.

This is not our agenda and it is never the agenda of the people in all of these countries where politicians and corporations direct violence and reap the rewards while the people die fighting each other. The people – the large majority of people here and everywhere in the world – are against this; unless of course they have been coerced by these same self-interested parties. Coercion can take many forms. In the U.S. it’s a combination of patriotism (which comes with the threat of shame if you do not comply), need (many young people have little or no job opportunities aside from the armed forces) and of course the promise of doing the right thing. Going to war is ALWAYS dressed up as fighting the bad guy and saving the good people. Those who have gone to war have seen death and suffering on both sides and no liberation or relief for the people. The ones who refuse to be further coerced have talked about it and have been under threat as a result. Is this the freedom we fight for?

We will have no chance for a livable future if we do not unite and decide what must be done to stop those who would see us all devoted to the cause of their greed and power. WE must be the ones to truly liberate the people and ourselves in doing so. Given the astounding power this elite group have amassed while they changed our laws to suit their purposes, none of us are truly free. We are all in one way or another thriving or in most cases just getting by because we work for them or at least not working against them. This is what happens when we disagree and voice our opinions:

There are tons of examples of this on YouTube – none on the mainstream media. Regarding May Day, Fox reported that police responded after bottles and rocks were thrown at them and those of us who have followed these protests know very well that the last thing protestors want to do in this situation is provoke the police – they don’t have to. They have to stand and watch while students are sprayed in the face and while this woman’s hair is being pulled and while people are being shot at. What more do you need to decide that this has gone too far?

I talked to my friend from the Congo who has watched these online videos of the protests and he said “The U.S. government confronts other countries for treating their people like this and this is their own people they are doing this to?” Once you see how incongruous this is you might start to understand the devastation that our government along with its allies have wreaked upon other worldwide for many years under the guise of  ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ – R2P: Responsibility to Protect. Apparently they feel no responsibility to protect Americans from police brutality. We must regain our rights if we are to stop this before it goes any further. If this is how we are treated in peace time, just imagine what it will be like once we are in the midst of world war and we are entirely at the mercy of this merciless government.

I remember reading a fascinating article written by Einstein about his first visit to the U.S. He had much to say – both good and bad but he emphasized most strongly that the public relies far too much on the media for political information and in forming political views. He stated that it was important for people to gather in public houses (pubs) to discuss the issues so that we had a dynamic, politically engaged society. At that time, prohibition was an issue but the point we can take away from this is that he saw this coming and unlike now we must use this and other natural social gathering places to discuss issues of concern and exchange ideas on what we would like to see happen.

I’m not suggesting that we discuss what the politicians are doing or saying. In fact, I know it will lead to meaningless debate on matters that don’t really concern us. That would be playing into the very trap that is the spectacle of mainstream politics. I guarantee that they’re not discussing our basic rights and how they’ve been abused and eroded by the corporate and political elite agenda. They want to derail us from our real thoughts and opinions about things that matter to us – the way we live now and how we would like to change it. Our standard of living is our own concern and the fact that it’s not being discussed by the politicians speaks volumes. If we say that we want higher wages in jobs that are safe and empower us – that we want no harmful chemicals in our foods and in our environment – that we want corporations to stop buying our resources: ‘privatizing’ what is truly the property of the people of this country, we must talk about it and join together in working out a plan to make this happen. In a democracy, this is how it is supposed to work.

Apply to a pub you like or a café and ask them to support a gathering such as this by simply posting a meeting notice or allowing you to do so. Set a time and date and invite anyone to join this discussion and take it from there. You may call it what you like but the idea of a Public House of Commons was inspired by Einstein’s ‘My First Impressions of the U.S.A.’ that appeared in a publication called ‘the Berliner Tageblatt’ on July 7, 1921.

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