People! It’s up to you now

You are our only hope and I can’t emphasize this enough. Most Americans will be the last to know this unless we get the message out by word of mouth – via twitter, facebook, email, telephone, shouting in the streets or any way we can – it’s a crucial message and you are the messenger.

I’m sure you’ve heard many times that ‘we’re on the brink of disaster’ or ‘we’re on the brink of war’. The difference here is that usually you get this message from carefully crafted news reports. They send out messages of warning to bring about fear and to manipulate you into accepting and/or supporting whatever the next move the U.S. government (and allies) is going to make against foreign ‘threats’ or domestic ones for that matter. This time, the message is coming from us – the people, to you – the people. This means that it is sincere and that the only motive behind it is one that has everything to do with our collective well being. The U.S. government counts on your sensitivities and good will to support it’s activities around the world – some of which, it doesn’t share with you knowing that you would never approve. Using your sensitivities they ask themselves, what would make good citizens kill people? Most people would only kill if their lives were threatened.. so they offer you the threat necessary to make many people join the army, navy etc.. and kill people in foreign countries: “terrorists”. They tell you that they’re making the world safe by going out and fighting evil. They know that many will die on both sides and accept that as a matter of course. Their ultimate goal is worth much more to them than human life and it has nothing to do with terrorists.

We must start to understand what’s happening in the world because the harm they inflict on others is going to happen to us (and on many levels that would astonish you, it already is) and it will get a lot worse unless we stop it. In the eyes of the government, we have become the “terrorists” (see this - click on ‘Domestic Terrorism’). It’s also become apparent that anyone who wants to expose the government for its crimes is most definitely considered by them to be a terrorists and in many cases, treated accordingly. Many of you who don’t get involved in politics have the notion that there are complexities involved that you could never understand. It’s intentional that you should be made to think this way because it allows those in power to pursue their own self interested goals. In fact, this idea of political complexity beyond our understanding has become a strategy that has reduced many people into voting based on how a candidate appears on TV and what kind of attitude they seem to have. This has paved the way to the kind of disaster I’m conveying to you now.

These issues are not at all complex – they are very simple. The government and the corporate elites have joined forces to make and change laws to suit their interests at our expense and most importantly, at the expense of our rights – our ability to legally fight it – our constitution. They have been doing this for many years now and have gained a great deal of power in the process. They’re now using this power to create laws not only to prevent us from interfering with their activities but to force us to help them. They have effectively put us in their power completely. The standard reaction is: It can’t be possible! Why wouldn’t we see this on the front page of every newspaper? It’s a good question and the answer can be found in the statements made above. The business community and government have come together and cooperated on many levels to elevate their power and in doing so, to decrease ours. The media was one of the huge obstacles that they had to remove. After all, if we knew what was really going on, we’d never stand for it. So, they arranged it so that we don’t know what’s going on. And I can tell you from experience, the only way that you can independently find out the truth is to investigate and research like mad for years, selectively sift through alternative news sources and watch relevant documentaries and then sift through the layers of deception to get to the truth. It’s a ridiculous situation. How can people be expected to drop everything in their lives to do research so that they’re aware of what’s happening? They can’t and it’s quite intentional.

This has worked out very well for the powers that be and has brought us to our knees without even knowing it. Did you know that there is a law in place that allows the police or military to arrest you and put you in jail indefinitely without charge or trial if you are suspected of any kind of ‘terrorist’ activities? It’s important to note that the description of ‘domestic terrorists’ is so vast, that if they wanted to, just about anyone could be targeted – especially if they don’t agree with something the government has done or is doing. Just take a look at how they treat peaceful protesters who are concerned about human rights, the environment and other unfair government and corporate practices:

There are many more videos where this came from – look them up on YouTube – Occupy Wall Street – police brutality. The same authorities who support this treatment of American citizens practicing their right to free speech have been telling the public that they want to help people in Syria and other Arab countries to prevent their government from treating them in exactly this way. How can you believe this if you see how they treat protesters here? Well, you don’t see this on the news do you? You may not see it at all unless you search for it, and how would you know to do that? You wouldn’t and they count on it.

Because of this, the majority of Americans have missed a lot over the years, but the important thing to understand now is that this method of keeping people in the dark has lead to the erosion of our rights which has escalated lately to the point where we must do something before it’s too late. Here are three laws that have been signed within the last year or so that will affect all of us that haven’t been reported in the news or if so, buried: 1) The National Defence Authority Act or NDAA is the law that allows police to indefinitely detain American citizens. If they ever did close down Guantanamo Bay, it would be for show as they’re bringing it home for all of us to experience: see this But the ‘news’ continues to discuss Guantanamo without any mention of this.. getting the picture? Stop reading the ‘news’ – it’s not really news at all. 2) The National Defence Resource Preparedness Executive Order allows the government to seize all essential resources from every household – food, water etc. – and to enlist the help of any individuals within each household to join the military or to perform any labour deemed necessary to contribute to the war effort – see this. I know of no mainstream news reports of this and very few reports even among alternative news media (much of which is supported by corporate funded foundations – dig to find out who really funds the ‘alternative’ media you read) 3) This becomes less relevant with time but HR 347 will make protesting on government grounds and many other areas illegal if not impossible. It is styled as a property restrictions type law and may seem benign as they all might if you don’t scrutinize it or ask a lawyer to do so. Search these law titles online.

Many people within the activist community have scrutinized these laws. I had an international lawyer that I interviewed for this documentary go over the latest NDRP Executive Order. He confirmed what I’ve set out above and although these conditions seem to apply to a state of war, the U.S. government could announce any day that we’re at war. Haven’t we been at war with Iraq for some time – Afghanistan? The next target is Iran and that will be a war to end all wars – Syria may be the vehicle – it’s likely to be world war III. We will be directly involved in this war – all of us – if we don’t actively prevent it from happening. The government needs more people to fight in these wars because it’s in the midst of fighting so many – some we don’t even know about. It’s no wonder these measures were taken to ensure that there are more bodies to put to use in the war effort. As you may know by now, many who fought in Iraq would not want to do so again if they had a choice. There were more suicides of soldiers who fought in Iraq than there were casualties – another fact you didn’t read in the paper. We don’t want to be a part of this.

We are the only hope we have of stopping this because they can’t do anything without our support. Just imagine if we withdrew all support tomorrow.. no money, work, soldiers – nothing. They have literally poisoned our food system – we have every reason to stop supporting a destructive system that has already killed and damaged so many around the world including those around us. If the U.S. government is stopped from proceeding with this war and if it is prevented from enforcing these laws that hurt everyone, we might have a chance – after all, we have sheer numbers on our side and there are many people in many countries who believe in us and are counting on us to put a stop to this. The U.S. government has allies of course and I’m calling on people of all of these countries: Canada, UK, Australia, NewZealand and France (and many others) to actively participate in preventing this fatal war and reclaiming our right to have a say in what happens next. You will all soon be ruled by these same laws. It’s part of the plan and Canada will feel it along with Americans very soon. Here’s a good example of how the governments downplay these laws, if they discuss them at all. This is what I sent to many Canadians recently to warn them too:

Let’s not wait until there’s a knock on the door to enforce these oppressive laws we had no say in creating. Find out more – talk to your neighbours and friends and look into this more – use independent sources – no corporate or government ties (or huge corporate funded foundations either and that rules out a lot). Listen to the people and to your own heart and mind. Question what you’re being told and think about what makes sense. We all have a stake in this and success depends on you.

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